Wavemakers & Functionality

Wavemakers & Functionality

In this blog, we’ll be going over Wavemakers. If you’ve ever been into a shop that has held saltwater stock, you’ve most likely seen them. Typically, wavemakers mimic the sine of waves that occur in the ocean. This means that they’re purpose is to construct a near constant flow of water. Like most things aquatic, it’s usually more complex than that! So stick around, and learn how to use wavemakers to their fullest potential.

Wavemaker In Fishtank

 Even in the most calm of oceans, the water is always in a constant state of motion. The remarkable force produced by ocean currents & swells reach deep into the water. Usually in intervals, up to 60 seconds. This flow of water has been around since the oceans, with that nearly all of the marine life has adapted to its pull.

 Coral, Invertebrates of the sorts & fish have not only become accustomed to this, but they’ve adapted to depend on it. Much of the ocean life depends on current to deliver nutrients to them, whether it’s fish, or coral. This is a fundamental aspect of their life and without it, they are not in a natural habitat. As an aquarist, it should be a fundamental goal to make your aquarium as close as possible to their natural habitat.

We here at Aquadream, offer our interpretation of wavemakers; LBS Series. These wavemakers can be used for fulfilling these needs. The purpose of these is to create a system that is in constant motion, simulating the sine of a real ocean current. For coral, having nutrient displacement is crucial, as well as nearly every single other fauna in a saltwater habitat.


The LBS Series Wavemakers, magnetically attach to your tank, allowing you to get creative with placement. The head on the pump is adjustable for a 360 degree rotation. Virtually none of the tanks will have any dead spots. Although not all tanks are the same, some are larger than others & will require additional force. If that’s the case, these pumps can connect and work as a modular system, allowing the user to connect as many of these pumps as needed together.

wavemaker components

The LBS Series is ideal for any saltwater aquarium that focuses on marine life, such as coral or other fauna that depends on nutritional displacement. With programmable control, this pump allows for Aquarists to have an advanced system of wave control with a single wavemaker or the ability to connect multiple pumps to create a customizable system. These wavemaker pumps are a must-have for any system that caters to coral or reef systems. Fish without a doubt enjoy the change in water currents. Fish need exercise to help prevent fatty buildup around the heart and liver. By having a wavemaker, a good current is created for the fish to be active and get some exercise needed to ensure their vitality.

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