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3170 GPH DCS Amphibious Pump with Controller
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12 LED Zinc Mist Maker
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3170 GPH DCS Amphibious Pump with Controller
DCS Series

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2400 GPH Power Head
Aqua Dream 24v Dc Sine Wave Maker Pump Marine Aquarium Coral Reef 2400 GPH [LBS-30]
  • $109.99
  • $89.99
320 GPH Pump
Aqua Dream 24v Dc Eco Marine Aquarium Wave Water Pump 320 GPH
2 reviews
  • $109.99
  • $89.99
90 GPH Adjustable Submersible Water Pump for Aquariums
Aqua Dream 90 GPH Adjustable Submersible Pump Aquarium Powerhead【DB-333]
38 reviews
  • $12.00
  • $7.99
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LBS Series Wavemaker

Our wavemakers provide 8 modes that allow reef keepers to mimic any environment they need using any speed they require. Whenever dosing or feeding your tank simply hold the feed button to get 10 minutes of stress free time.

Our Wavemakers come in three sizes depending on the size of your tank and connect to three units wirelessly to deliver currents nearly identical to the ocean.