New 220 & 250 Gallon Tank Models

New 220 & 250 Gallon Tank Models

The Aquadream team has loved helping inspiring and veteran aquarium enthusiasts start or upgrade their aquatic enclosure. Over the year, time and time again we’ve had multiple people ask for a tank that was larger than the 175 Gallon model we provide, but not as large as the 360 Gallon model. We’ve listened, we’re now glad to showcase our newest models.

Introducing the 220 Gallon & 250 Gallon Fish Tank

AquadreamUSA 220 Gallon & 250 Gallon Fish Tank

These two new tanks provide the same luxurious aspects as any of our existing models. But with a larger tank capacity, and sump filtration capacity. We’ve decided from our most in demand colors scheme to go with a white tank with silver trim. This color scheme allows for a modern approach of aesthetics, while allowing for the inside decorations & more importantly the color of any stock to contrast amazingly.

The tank is still made out of the same high light transmittance tempered glass which is resistant to scratches, bonded with German silicon gel, to promote longevity and resistance to any sort of corrosion from water. Included with the tank is a LED lighting system & tank cover with lighting brackets.

As you know, all of our tanks come with a sump filtration system that’s housed within the cabinet. This sump filtration system allows for all uses of filter media. Additionally our tanks come with a more than suitable submersible pump to cycle water properly. 

Availability is limited, first come first serve. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your tank, now is a pretty good time! Similarly to all of our Aquadream Fish Tanks, you will get free shipping with a scheduled delivery

If you have any questions regarding our products, availability or pricing, contact us here.

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