Aquarium External Water Pumps

Aquarium External Water Pumps

External Water Pumps

If you have a large project such as a pond, fountain, river system or even a large saltwater fish tank you might wanna think about getting an external pump. External pumps are used when you need a large flow of water, for example the highest pump we sell on AquadreamUSA is 3170GPH



External pumps are used in dry environments, since they are not sealed and are not submersible pumps. These pumps are to be connected to the body of water you want to be pumped through the intake hose. The pump must be level with the flow of water so it can take the water and push it through the outtake to where you want it to flow. A majority of external pumps allow for freshwater and saltwater use, adjustable flow rate, and automatic power-off protection. 

Because our DC-Series Model has a small profile, it is easy to hide or disguise. Also, it has an adjustable flow and is easy to clean. In addition to all of this, it can be used to provide bubbles underwater if the pump body is mounted outside of water.


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