115 Gallon Coral Reef Aquarium Ultra Clear Glass Tank & Built in Sump Silver

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Key Product Features:

  • INCLUDED IN PURCHASE: Your all-in-one purchase ships complete with one 73-gallon tank, one prebuilt and fully assembled matte finish cabinet, one built-in 41-gallon sump-filtration system, and easy to install pipes for your aquarium plumbing.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: This first-class fish tank is made of high-quality low-iron UltraClear transparent glass. This "crystal glass" can withstand damage and impact over time in a busy home or office. It is extremely resistant to scratches, fingerprints, smears, and acids/alkali. The visible light transmittance is greater than 91.5%. Thick glass measures 0.5 inches.
  • CORAL SUMP: Your aquarium arrives with a sump system perfect for optimally filtering your coral reef tank. System includes a filter sock unit, protein skimmer/general use section, a top off reservoir, a section fit for your own choosing, and return pump section.
  • EASY TO USE PLUMBING: Your complete system includes all pipes required for your plumbing need whether your tank is set up for salt water or fresh water. Easy to install and adjust, these pumps provide an optimal waterflow between sump and tank.
  • HIGH-QUALITY BUILD: Your stand is built to last. It is both waterproof and resistant to the type of corrosion and breakdown found in other products. It will never deform or fade and is covered under our warranties. The return pipe features an adjustable knob to change the waterflow back into your tank.

 ➡️ For installation assistance, please refer to our  ▶️Installation Video.


Product Description:

This complete all-in-one system supports coral reef saltwater aquariums, or it can be utilized as a freshwater fish tank. The low-iron glass is both rimless and seamless and offers a sleek, modern design that looks great at home or in the office. The tank is wide enough to provide ample aquatic landscaping options. Multiple sump compartments optimize ease of use, and all pipes ship. The random-flow return pump outlet allows for superior water distribution as water flows from sump to tank. The adjustable water return pipe gives you complete control over your tank’s needs. This is the perfect base for your ideal aquarium!


We offer a 3-year warranty, as well as premium customer service. All electrical components come with a 1-year warranty with purchase of a product bundle. Spare parts come with a lifelong warranty. Feel safe with your aquarium purchase and know that your ecosystem’s home will be covered for years to come.




  • Tank Dimensions: 4(L) x 19.7(W) x 21.7(H) inches
  • Volume: 73 Gallons (Tank) + 41 Gallons (Sump) = 115 Gallons Total Water Capacity
  • Stand Dimensions: 4(L) x 19.7(W) x 33.9(H) inches



Shipping Info:

  • Shipping Time: 3-14 Business Days
  • Free shipping within the contiguous United States is available (this does not include residential, lift-gate, and upstairs delivery fees)


Product Weight:

  • 357 lbs


Shipping Weight:

  • 474 lbs



  • 1 business day

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