264 GPH Bottom Feed Water Pump - 25W Energy Efficient, Low-Suction

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Key Product Features:

  1. POWERFUL FLOW: The AQ-1000 low-suction submersible pump has a power of 25W, a flow rate of 264 GPH/1000L/H, and a head of 1.2M.
  2. TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Built-in temperature control chip prevents dry running. Operation ceases at 85°C. The pump resumes operation when the unit cools to 60°C.
  3. QUIET AND EFFICIENT: Silent running, high-powered, and energy-saving with an automatic cleaning cycle. 360° pumping with all-around vortex-style water absorption provides easy cleaning of water residue.
  4. SUBMERSIBLE: Fully submerge the pump in various water environments, including ponds, aquariums, fountains, and hydroponics. It is also suitable for water evacuation and field use.
  5. DURABLE: The pump shell is designed for balanced speed, reliable operation, and long service life. The ABS shell and hardened epoxy seal will protect the motor and ceramic shaft for years.


Product Description:

Operate this versatile water pump with peace of mind due to the durable shell, efficient motor design, and built-in temperature-control chip. Your pump will never exceed maximum heat limits, ensuring safe operations and long service life. Whether utilized in an aquarium, pond, fountain, or other creative watering use, your pump will run quietly while saving energy and providing adaptability of use.


  • Product Size: 100x55x125mm
  • Power: 25W with 264 GPH/1000L/H 2.0M Head
  • Water Nozzle: 13/16/19mm



  1. Prior to use, ensure the rated voltage marked on the nameplate is consistent with the actual voltage.
  2. When installing, removing, or cleaning the water pump, unplug the power plug first to cut off the power supply to ensure your safety.
  3. If the pump body is seriously affected, please check whether the pump body is broken. If it is damaged, please stop using it immediately.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to pull the power cord, so as not to cause leakage and affect the safety of use. 


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