Different Types of Aquarium Pumps

Different Types of Aquarium Pumps

Type of Pumps

Selecting the right pump for your tank is a big decision, there are many things you need to factor in. What kind of filtration system do you currently or are going to have? What kind of aquarium do you have? saltwater or freshwater? What flow rate are your fish going to need? Today we are going over the different types of pumps and their uses.


submersiable pump

Submersible water pump

These types of pumps are the most common and are placed completely underwater, they draw water from the filter and push it back into the aquarium. They are usually placed in a sump which is a chamber of water below your tank, where filtering takes place. Submersible pumps are easier to install, and they are quieter because they run underwater. But they are water-cooled, which may leave unwanted heat in your tank. Filter sumps may have limited space for a pump, so the dimension of the submerged pump is an important consideration.




Powerheads are somewhat more expensive than air pumps, they can prevent dead spots that are hard to circulate. That is because they move water from one point to another, making a current. Powerhead pumps are meant to be used inside the aquarium, which means they do give off heat which you may want to take into consideration.


External Water Pumps

External pumps are not sealed and must be used in a dry environment, while โ€œin-lineโ€ pumps can be submerged in water and are usually housed in the canister or sump of the filter and the depths of the pond. Internal pumps make less noise but create more heat.

External pumps are usually used with pond filters. Many pond filters sit inside the pond and have an external pump that brings water from the pond, through the filter and pushes it back into the pond.

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