Aquadream's New 40 & 50 Gallon Tanks!

We are introducing new size tanks! These tanks come in 40 or 50 gallon size models, but they come in 3 different variations, all black, red wood, and white oak.



Perfect if you are an experienced tank owner or just starting off your aquarium journey. These tanks come with a beautiful two door cabinet underneath the tank containing the filtration system that can hold biochemical, nano-meter, physical filters and a dry/wet separation box.


The tank is make out of ultra clear tempered border-less glass with a light transmittance of 99%. The glass of the tank is bonded with German silica gel which is saltwater resistant against erosion and last up to 20 years. While the cabinet itself is made from titanium magnesium aluminium alloy which is hemmed to provide a rust-proof, durable, waterproof seal. The tank is also ultra-quiet due to a spiral silencer built inside the down-pipe.

The aquarium comes with a LED lighting source, water pump, and a filtration system with filter media.